First Post!

I suspect no-one will read a brand new blog with a single welcome post, so this is really a note to myself. If you are reading this now - hi from the past! It’s a spooky time right now during 2020, and I hope you find yourself well.

Having a public presence is new to me, I’m sure that the concept will evolve over time. I’d like the blog to be part notepad for things I’ve learned, details scraped together which I haven’t seen well-summarized elsewhere, with a dash of original research and building. As we see technology centralize control of information in the hands of a smaller number of players, it’s also nice to think that this blog represents a tiny step against that trend.

I hope this will be a useful way to see my progress over time, document my learning experiences in a more structured way for the future and help me improve my writing.


I help companies integrate Identity and Access Management solutions, like Okta and Forgerock. Previously I’ve written software in a variety of languages - C#/Java/C/C++/Python/Bash/Node.js - breadth enthusiast, master of none. I also had a brief stint in an application security (pentest) role, which included some instructive experiences. I’m interested in identity, application security, software development, project management and solution architecture.

I have a love of learning new things purely out of interest. I hope as my career develops, this blog can still be an outlet for some of that energy.

Outside of work, I enjoy cycling up hills, travelling to new places, using my medicore German language skills, taking photos and skiing, when it’s cold enough.